Traits of an awesome ERP implementation partners

Traits of an awesome ERP implementation partners
by Nilesh Mandani

1. They Are Experts! Is the ERP solution provider a true ERP expert? An organization must fully understand your pain points and the most effectual and valid utilization of the ERP solution you have in mind. Their level of expertise needs to be superior, as well as the level of understanding of your business operations and productivity goals. Only an ERP solution provider with a strong combination of technology expertise and business management knowledge will be a true ERP implementation partner.

2. They Master Your Business Processes! You are moving in the direction of an ERP solution because you want to elevate business process efficiency and improve the utilization of data throughout your organization. A true ERP partner will work to diligently map out your processes to ensure the most effective deployment of your ERP solution. They will also take the time to meet with key managers and technology team leaders to ensure they understand all elements of your enterprise’s operations and what the short-term and long-term goals are for improving operational productivity and efficiency.

3. They Provide Consistent Training & Support! This is a big one! The best ERP partners deliver ongoing training and support resources, dedicated to determining a positive implementation process. The right ERP partner will not support your implementation on a selective basis, but a 24/7 partnership. ERP partners that support a methodology of training and support are dedicated to the technological advancement of your business.

4. Their Track Record Is Awesome! When searching for the right ERP partner, ask questions—and investigate their track record. It is crucial the ERP partner you select understands your market, as well as your company’s operational requirements. If the ERP partner you are evaluating has helped many businesses just like yours, you are in good hands.

Your ERP implementation will be highly successful if the ERP partner you select is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also dedicated to your success. If your ERP partner is committed to a long-term relationship, you will reap the benefits of a successful ERP implementation—and a technology alliance that will serve you for many years to come.

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