Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation
by Santosh Sharma

Microsoft Partners performing Microsoft Dynamics Implementation and support has to provide quick services to their customers on war foot basis. The issues of the customers can be solved on the quick basis by a talented pool of resources having expertise in Microsoft Dynamics. Getting a pool of resources as per the desired project skill set on a quick time basis is the main pain area for the company

Dynamics Stars a Microsoft Gold Partner for Microsoft Dynamics has a pool of resources having specialization in Microsoft Dynamics Products. The pool of resources includes Technical Consultant, Functional Consultant, and Techno-Functional consultant.  Dynamics Stars can provide the resources on a quick time basis and as per the desired skill set. There are various advantages to acquiring staff augmentation services like:

Leverage expertise skill set: By acquiring resources from staff augmentation company can acquire resources of the skill set which is missing in their team.

Staffing as per the current need: Companies can easily manage their staff resources as per the projected demand through staff augmentation as they don’t need to hire resource on their payroll.

Manage Crucial Projects: Companies can easily manage completion of the deadline for crucial projects by aligning resources on the urgent basis from staff augmentation services and achieve the milestone by aligning right fit resource as per the need.

Easily Manageable: Staff Augmentation is easy to manage then project outsourcing as the resource task can be monitored under companies own sight and tasks can be aligned accordingly.


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