Purchase Management

Purchase Management
by Vishnu Pillai

Microsoft Dynamics covers all the functionality required by purchase department like requisition management, Purchase Quote Management, Purchase Order Management, Purchase Receipt, Purchase Invoice Management, Purchase Discounts, Purchase Tax/Charge, Purchase Return, Purchase Approval Workflow, Purchase Document Management. Detail functionality of modules covered in Microsoft Dynamics include:

Requisition Management: It will be used by purchase to generate demand for the company, requisition worksheet will be used to full fil current open indent by creating a purchase order and will be used for items which generate demand through production order.

Purchase Quotation: Generate quote against the requisition or indent and store it in the system. The user can store a different version of the quote if vendor price/ discount gets changed.

Purchase Order: Generate order directly from Purchase quote of the final selected vendor based on pricing and terms.

Purchase Receipt: Warehouse person can create receipt manually by searching vendor no. Users will post warehouse receipt and Invoice can be prepared. Warehouse receipt will be used to receive the material from Vendor.

Purchase Invoice Management: Purchase Invoice is used to book vendor invoice into the system. User can use copy document function to copy purchase order data into purchase Invoice header.

Purchase Discounts: User can generate different vendors of the quote if vendor price/discount gets changed and purchase quote archive can be generated from purchase quote.

Purchase Return Order: Purchase return order is the central document that allows you to register a compensation settled with the vendor.  It will allow you to debit the vendor, either by means of receiving a credit for physically returned items or of a purchase compensation.

Microsoft Dynamics Covers all the features required by Finance department for smooth functioning of ERP and reports like:

  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice/Purchase Voucher
  • Procurement Certificate
  • CT-3
  • Purchase Credit Memo (Vendor)
  • Purchase Return Order



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