Hardwork V.S. Talent

Hardwork V.S. Talent
by Nilesh Mandani

In this world, hard work is everything. As ridiculous as it may sound, it is indeed a fact that cannot be ignored. Whilst the existence of geniuses or natural prodigies cannot be discounted as a mere anomaly of fate, it is also incorrect for us to believe that we cannot surpass them in our own way. The fact that some people appear to be more skilled at a particular task is simply the illusion of ‘best fit’.

If a hundred people were asked to write poetry, some would be good and some would be bad. If the same hundred were asked to play sports, some would be good and some would be bad. Even if we take into account the fact that some individuals are ‘well-rounded’, even they will have an eventual weakness.

The problem then stems from one’s ability to convert talent into something marketable as a job. For example, a talent in riding a unicycle can allow one to be an entertainer, but a talent in being able to find the best way to grope a person, is likely to get you arrested.

When faced with such a problem, the individual then has to make a choice, which many people fail to see (simply because it is uncomfortable). You have to keep picking talents until you find one that’s suitable for the job market and then work hard at it.

Poetry, on a personal level, would probably be my 7th or even 8th best, but because of the effort I put into it; I have steadily improved since the day I first began writing 8 months ago.

The point I am trying to bring across by writing this however, is that most people tend to give up early and believe themselves to be talentless. It is easy to get frustrated when the goal appears to get further and further away, but in fact nothing could be further from the TRUTH.

The goal never changes. It is only your perception of that goal that alters, as you gain more knowledge and understanding of its complexity.

As long as one doesn’t give up however, it is not a difficult thing to break down the goal into smaller components and tackle it one at a time.

Never give up and never give in to adversity, because failure only exists when you stop trying.